Does It Make Sense to Screen for Diabetes?


Health exams have a reputation to be “scary” that can easily deter a person from getting one unless it is mandatory for something. However, exams and tests give us a clearer and more accurate representation of how our health is that no other method can deliver.

Instead of looking at disease screening as the enemy, think of it as a guide to help you make better decisions – especially when we are discussing life-changing situations.

Diabetes is a common health issue that can affect one’s entire life. Screening for diabetes can be advantageous – diagnosed patients can have more time to manage their condition. While it may be ideal for everyone to be tested to be certain, there are cases when doing so makes more sense and foregoing one does not make much of an impact.

For individuals who have a higher risk for diabetes, getting the screening as early as possible can help address anxiety and achieve certainty. Family history, age, obesity, and other lifestyle factors can be contributing factors that increase a person’s risk level.

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