Home Visit: A Service That Is Beneficial to Seniors


As their health and vitality deteriorate, there will come a time when many seniors will no longer be able to go out for check-ups and other essential healthcare matters. Many types of health conditions emerge, and the elderly may reach the point where they become immobile and unable to carry themselves anymore to visit a Medical Clinic.

We value their health, and that is why we included home visits as part of our Medical Services in Meridian, Mississippi, for their convenience.

Our Visiting Physicians in Mississippi can perform these check-ups to monitor the health of your senior loved ones at the comfort of your home. We at HealthCareOnTheGo LLC believe that access to proper health management should not be only for those who can visit a clinic or a hospital. Everyone must have convenient access to health care anywhere.

Our medical team can perform a wellness exam to provide you with a plan that matches your needs. We will base them on both your medical history and physical assessment. That way, we would know if you will require therapies, medication management, Psychiatric Services, or other related services.

Should you need Prescription Management, please call 601-282-8226.

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