What DOT Screen Results Tell You


Our safety is our top priority, as it should be. That being said, DOT screening is highly important as it is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to enforce a drug and alcohol-free transportation industry. The government has designated all “safety-sensitive” employees to acquire this screening from clinics providing comprehensive physical exams for rippling causes.
Unlike cholesterol screening and other tests provided by health care providers, DOT physicals use a 5-panel test that tests for commonly abused substances including marijuana metabolites/THC, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine, and opiates. An employer may discuss any changes to the scope and testing specimen with our visiting physicians in Mississippi. They can go from a 4-panel drug test to a 10-panel drug test.
When providing DOT physicals, part of our medical services in Meridian, Mississippi is to collect specimens and have them tested for each substance. Results may be delayed depending on the date the specimen was collected or due to the results of the test. 

How do you interpret your DOT screening results?

  • Positive
    This would mean that the targeted drug was detected in the sample. A confirmation test may be done before you are reported positive.
  • Negative
    This means there was no trace of the targeted drug in the sample, or only a minimal amount of the drug was detected.

From here, healthcare providers can determine whether the individual is in need of an Opioid Addiction Treatment to improve their health. They may also advise or offer psychiatric services to individuals.
HealthCareOnTheGo LLC is one with the government in determining and lowering dangerous dependency-related risks by providing quality healthcare services.

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