Getting Ready for Your Physical Exam

Getting Ready for Your Physical Exam
Routine health checks are essential to ensure you remain in top shape. Have you scheduled one this year, or is the date still coming up? Let us help you prepare for the big day and make the most out of your scheduled examination.

Gather relevant information as the date nears. Your doctor or primary care physician would be interested in learning about this information as it can help build a bigger picture from your exam results. Do you have current medications? List down your prescription and over-the-counter medicines you had or have been taking recently. If you are taking supplements, you can also write them down.

If you are feeling any pain or symptoms lately, share this observation during your visit. You can add more details such as when the symptoms happen, how often they appear, etc. In some cases, you may have a different doctor than the one doing your scheduled physical exam. It is necessary to share your medical history, such as recent surgeries or results of recent tests.

Your doctor also welcomes questions from you. You can prepare in advance by noting down what you want to know from your doctor. When you feel the need for Medical Services in Meridian, Mississippi, don’t hesitate to contact us.

HealthCareOnTheGo LLC is your trusted Medical Clinic, and we make it better for you as your Visiting Physicians in Mississippi.

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