Vital Signs: Monitoring What Matters


There is more to being healthy than just feeling it. While pain and diseases are signs that something is not well, the absence of such does not guarantee we are in excellent health. There are situations when there is no symptom – one simply does not feel anything. However, beneath the surface, a health issue may be starting.

Hence, keeping up with quantitative health measures gives us a clearer picture of how well we are. Our vital signs indicate how well our body functions. And while the numbers can be different for every person, staying in the healthy or normal range is ideal.

Vital signs include blood pressure, breathing, pulse, and temperature. Measuring devices are also available for use at home.

Whether your loved one has an existing condition or none, measuring vital signs can be a critical part of establishing a healthy habit. The more information we have – and the sooner we realize this – the better equipped we are to make good decisions.

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